SA Regularity Series #SARS2023

A Step Up to Stage Rally

The SA Rally Regularity Series has been growing in popularity as the events are an excellent cost effective introduction to full on Special Stage rallying.

The series runs alongside the South Australian Rally Championship, on the same roads as the main field and as part of the main event.

What Is Regularity?

Running in conjunction with a special stage rally, a regularity rally challenges crews to complete the stages in a time as close as possible to the time allowed, whilst observing a maximum speed limit at all times. It really is a team effort, driver & navigator working closely to ensure an ‘on time’ arrival at the next control, never too early or too late.

Regularity isn’t about being the fastest crew – it’s a category of competition where driver and co-driver must work closely together, combining speed and strategy to arrive at the end of each stage in a target time set by the event organisers. Penalties are applied for arriving early or late and the maximum speed is limited to 110 km/h at all times. Apart from that it’s just like a regular rally – with time controls, road books, timecards and service times

Who can enter?

If you have a driving licence, a Motorsport Australia Speed licence and are a member of a Motorsport Australia Affiliated car club, come join us!

Safety Equipment & Clothing

Each Crew member must wear a helmet and apparel complying with requirements for Club and Multi Club rally as listed in Schedule D – Apparel of the Motorsport Australia Manual Technical Appendix, with the exception of:

(i) FHR Standard A: Whilst FHR is not mandatory, it is highly recommended in an automobile that is suitably equipped for its use, in which case the FHR must comply with Standard A.

(ii) Helmet Standard A: Standard B helmet permitted, except where a FHR is used in which case a Standard A helmet is required.

Refer to Schedule H of the Motorsport Australia Manual Technical Appendix for fire extinguisher requirements.

What Vehicles Are Eligible To Enter?

Under the Rally Regularity Series limitations, cars can be prepared to a lower level than a full blown rally cars. Regularity crews can still experience the thrills of driving on some of the same roads and stages, even in their own standard road car.

You don’t need a roll cage (although they are recommended) and the vehicle does not need a Motorsport Australia log book..

Each vehicle must still comply with Schedule A and B of the Motorsport Australia Manual Technical Appendix and sections 4 and 5 of the National Rally Standing Regulations – Vehicles General of the Motorsport Australia Manual Rally Appendix, as well as the specific regulations relevant to the status of the Event.

For most events you will may need a Rallysafe fitting kit installed in your car. These cost around $250 and can be purchased online from RallySafe.

Also refer to the Rally Regularity Standing Regulations in the Motorsport Australia Manual Rally Appendix.

If you are not sure, ask us, don’t be shy, we can get you sorted!

2023 Results

#SARS2023 Series Winners

Driver: Stephen Barker
Co-Driver: Ross Smith

For individual event results, visit the Results page

Next Event Begins


What Does It Cost?

Typically, entry fees are much less than a regular SARC competitors. For example, the 2023 Shannons Rally SA (Rally of the Heartland):

  • SARC Entry (daylight stages only) $1250.00
  • Regularity Entry (days two & three) $850.00

Two whole days on round 1 of the South Australian Rally Championship!

When Are The Events?

The SA Rally Regularity Series runs alongside the SARC events.

Dont delay, get in touch with us here and we will put you in contact with your local club to get you on board and it could be your name on the SARS trophy this season!

See you out on the stages!


SA Regularity Series Results


SARS-Results/Previous-Years/SARS-2023/ SARS-2023

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SARS-Results/Previous-Years/SARS-2022/ SARS-2022

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SARS-Results/Previous-Years/2022-SARC-Results/ 2022-SARC-Results #SARC | 2022 Results

Event results & final positions from the 2022 South Australian Rally Championship

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SA Regularity Series Documents


2024-SARS-Sporting-Regulations-v0_3.pdf 2024 SARS Sporting Regulations - v0.3.pdf

2024 SARS Sporting Regulations

Open Download Copy Link 316.95 KB 2024-03-16 16 March 2024 2024-03-16 16 March 2024



Motorsport Australia Manual Rally Appendix

Motorsport Australia Manual Technical Appendix