SA Autocross Series & Championship

Autocross is a time-based racing discipline that tests drivers’ precision, agility, and control as they navigate a challenging course filled with tight turns, slaloms, and obstacles. This series attracts racers with different abilities and all experience levels who compete in various classes, from entry-level vehicles to high-performance racing cars. The Autocross Series provides an accessible and thrilling platform for drivers to showcase their talent and push the limits of their driving skills.

The Autocross Series in South Australia often consists of several rounds held at different locations, adding to the excitement and variety of the competition.

The Autocross Series in South Australia is also a fantastic spectator experience who can enjoy close-up views of the action, experiencing the raw power and finesse of the drivers as they navigate the challenging course.

The SA Autocross Series and championship in South Australia offer an adrenaline-pumping and highly competitive motorsport experience. With its challenging courses, skilled drivers, and enthusiastic fans.

Whether you’re a driver looking to test your skills or a fan seeking an exciting motorsport spectacle, the Autocross Series in South Australia is a must-attend event that promises thrills, skillful driving, and a sense of community among motorsport enthusiasts.

SA Autocross Series & Championship Results


results-saaxs/2023-SAAXS-Results/ 2023-SAAXS-Results

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results-saaxs/2023-SAAXC-Results/ 2023-SAAXC-Results

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SA Autocross Series & Championship Documentation


2024-SAAXC-and-SAAXS-Sporting-Regulations-v0_3.pdf 2024 SAAXC and SAAXS Sporting Regulations - v0.3.pdf

2024 SAAXC & SAAXS SPorting Regulations

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#SAAXS2023 Winner 
Driver:  Dale Cagney
#SAAXC2023 Winner
Driver: Bradley Clements

2023 Autocross Series – Final Results

2023 Autocross Championship – Final Results

#SAAXC #SAAXS 2023 Dates