MRF Tyres Motorsport Australia South Australian Rally Championship (SARC)

The South Australian Rally Championship (SARC) has a long and rich history, over 60 years of rally competition, classic events and roads, spawning drivers that have gone on to national and international success.

Championship Sponsor
Long standing supporter of rallysport in South Australia, SA Motorsport Tyres are 2023 naming rights sponsor with their MRF Tyres Australia brand. SA Motorsport tyres provide on event support at all the SARC rounds.

Championship Events
For 2023, the SARC is made up of four events, each event lasting at least one day, in all weathers and even darkness, a real test of the crews skills. Typically on council roads, closed for the competition.

The main championship is open to fully prepared rally cars, built for the purpose including safety equipment and performance enhancements. All vehicles (and crews) are checked for compliance and safety before every event.

2023 MRF Rally Tyres Australia SARC Rounds

ARC Australian Rally Championship Round
The Adelaide Hills rally, has been a round of the Australian Rally Championship over the last few years and sees South Australia’s best up against some of the best drivers and teams in the country.

Competitor Registration & Series Compliance
All crew members, that is driver AND co-driver, who wish to compete and score points must register before the first round they contest for the year.

All competitors must display series sponsor’s windscreen banner and SA Rally door plates on all rounds to be eligible for points. Review SARC regulations or contact SARP Chair in case of any queries.

SA Clubman Championship & SA Regularity Series
The South Australian Clubman Championship runs concurrent with the main events.
For 2023 eligible drivers must now have, before the first event begins, a DPI of less 90.0.

The South Australian Regularity Series is a great place to get your feet wet and get involved with Stage rallying. Competitors require mininal safety equipment, can compete in a regular road car and must respect restrictions on speed which place greater emphasis on accuracy and safety, rather than outright speed.
Pre-Season Test
The season starts with a launch day, a chance for the registered competitors to literally ‘shake down’ (to find if there is anything loose) and test cars prior to the new season starting.
This event is normally an opportunity for sponsors, supporters and officials to come along and to maybe even get to have a hot lap if they are really lucky!
Its pretty amazing watching the cars and drivers at speed on the stages. The event organisers normally provide suitable locations for viewing the cars both in service, at media and social events attached to the rallies. Click the event links, like and follow on your favourite social media platform for updates.

#SARC2022 Winners 
Driver: Jamie Pohlner
Co-Driver: Adam Branford

2022 Final Championship Points
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Previous SARC Champions (Hall of Fame)

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Championship Results
SARC-Results/SARC-Results-Previous/ SARC-Results-Previous #SARC | All Previous Years

Event results & final positions from the South Australian Rally Championship

Open 0 B 2023-05-21 21 May 2023 2023-05-21 21 May 2023
SARC-Results/2023-SARC-Results/ 2023-SARC-Results #SARC | 2023 Results

Event results & final positions from the 2023 South Australian Rally Championship

Open 781.99 KB 2023-05-21 21 May 2023 2023-09-29 29 September 2023
SARC-Results/2022-SARC-Results/ 2022-SARC-Results #SARC | 2022 Results

Event results & final positions from the 2022 South Australian Rally Championship

Open 0 B 2023-05-21 21 May 2023 2023-05-21 21 May 2023



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Championship Documentation
2023-SARC-and-SACS-Sporting-Regulations-v0_3.pdf 2023 SARC & SACS Sporting Regulations

2023 SARC & SACS Sporting Regulations

Open Download Copy Link 430.46 KB 2023-04-05 5 April 2023 2023-04-05 5 April 2023