SARP Documentation

2022 Documents

2022 SA Conditions of Rallying

2022 SA Rally Championship Sporting Regulations (updated 5th Sep 2022)

2022 SA Clubman Series Sporting Regulations (updated 5th Sep 2022)

2022 SA Regularity Series Sporting Regulations (updated 5th Sep 2022)

2022 SA Autocross Championship & Series Sporting Regulations

SARC/SACS/SARS Registration Form. Any crew member (Driver AND Co-Driver) wishing to compete in the SA Rally Championship, SA Clubman Series or SA Regularity Series must register via this form.

SARC/SACS/SARS Registration List (click here to see a list of registered competitors for the current year)

SA Allocated Car Numbers

Driver Performance Index Report
(updated 16th Nov 2022)

Other Documents

Rally Buddy System

SA Rally logo

MRF Logo

Shannons logo

Dedicated Rally Vehicle Registration

Click here to access the Motorsport Australia web site for all relevant forms and information.

Event Organiser Documents

SARC Event Sup Regs – 2020 v1.0 (template)

SARSS Event Sup Regs – 2020 v1.0 (template)

SACS Event Sup Regs – 2020 v1.0 (template)

MA Rally Checker Manual

Course car manual sample
Council letter template

Bulletin template

Motorsport Australia Rally Event forms (Motorsport Australia website)

Motorsport Australia Targeted Risk Assessment forms & info (Motorsport Australia website)

SARC Event Organiser book

Roadbook template

How to use Roadbook Template

Rally Budget template

Radio Procedures

Odometer Check

Scrutineering Form

Incident Report template

Stage Status AMBER Form

Stage Status BLUE Form

Stage Status BLACK Form

Control Cards template

Road cards template